From fabric to finish

The Journay of creating a suit


Precision in measurements

3D bodyscanner

At Lenta Bespoke, we offer custom tailored suits and shirts based on revolutionary 3D body scanning technology. As one of the only ones in Denmark, we work with the latest technology, where this is done with just 2 clicks. Come into the store and we will execute scan together, and at the same time find the right cut, quality and fabric type for your new tailored suit.

With Our 3D scanner are we able to measure both women and men, with a precision that even the most experienced tailor can not imitate. Our 3D scanner takes 2.4 million measurements on our customers in just 2 clicks and we are here able to map the customer’s body shape and measurements. The actual scan takes between 3-6 seconds.

Customize your suit

Fabrics and details

Lenta Bespoke carries two different groups of suit fabrics that are divided into standard and exclusive. The standard is a common term that covers several different qualities and compositions. Common to them all, is that they contain a high percentage of wool that ensures you a soft feeling, while having an exceptional durability. We exclusive carry the type of fabric called Vercelli. It is an Italian wool with occurrence of cashmere and silk, as well as an high percentage of normal wool. This quality assures you an exceptional soft feeling, and never the least a durable suit, that you will be able to use and love for decades to come.

The finished suit

Always a perfect fit

At Lenta bespoke a fitting guarantee is included for all our tailor-made products. If it should occur that necessary adjustments is needed at the fitting of the tailor made product, then our in-house tailor is standing ready at our expenses to ensure a perfect fit. We save the updated changes to your measurement profile, so that we always have your perfect measurements for your future suits. You are always welcome to take your products home, so you can be absolutely sure of the fit. The offer of adjustments is valid for 30 days from the delivery of your products, where you can subsequently have the adjustments made at our expense.

Measurement profile

We save, if you allow us, your measurements and 3D body scanning to your suits and shirts to come. These measurements will only be kept in our profile library for the benefit of the service, that we can provide you and will not be used in any other situation than when you wish to get a new tailor-made product. We do still advise you to get a new scan, in case your measurements should have changed since your first 3D body scan. But as explained above in the chapter about the 3D body scanning this will only take a few seconds.

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