The story about Lenta Bespoke

Lenta bespoke is for you with good style, the connoisseur, the quality-conscious man and woman, the enjoyer of life and you who put an honor in good craftsmanship and a suit that fits you as it should.

Focus on traditions and the future

Lenta Bespoke is a Danish tailor house with a focus on quality, personality and design for private as well as businesses.

Our tailor-made attire are created with the thought in mind that everyone should be able to afford the luxury of owning a tailor-made product.

We use 3D body scanning to insure the perfection of the fit to your body. 

Lenta Bespoke values your shape

Our vision is to make a well-tailored suit accessible for all men and women and ensure that the product follows and complements your shape in the best possible way. We strive to provide the best service and advise you through the whole process.

The setting is based on the classic men’s lounge, the suit from the 20’s and all the way up to today. This is the story behind the suit and exclusivity in the experience of it, with a serving of bubbles or whiskey, all the while you as a customer are measured with modern technology. The room is filled with the sound of smooth jazz and a wide variety of fabrics and custom details to choose between.

Through our very unique supply chain, we removed all unnecessary intermediaries which makes us able to introduce tailored suits in excellent quality at a very attractive price. Our vision is that our customers feel that the experience and end result is worth every penny spend and they got that personal touch in their final product.

Visit us

Our store carries suits and accessories for both men and women. Our store is located next to Strøget in central Copenhagen and you are more than welcome to come by without an appointment. We often host events for both private occasions or for business clients.

Wide verity

No two people are a like and your personality should be reflected in your attire. Lenta Bespoke has from the beginning chosen to have a wide selection of fabrics in all colors and patterns. This allows you to get exactly the suit that suits you. The ultimate is the bespoke set.

Danish top stylist

Lenta Bespoke has allied itself with one of the country's absolute best fashion stylists; Jesper Hentze, who i.a. has done styling for the Danish brand SAND. In collaboration with LENTA, Jesper Hentze has developed a design and a high-quality product that is adapted to the style and quality - conscious consumer's requirements and expectations.