You decide the details and materials from a selection of exclusive Italian fabrics, with our knowledgeable advice, of course.

the special occation

Lenta Bespoke are proud of the way we tailor. We take pride in delivering the best service and tailor made suits, at the best possible price. Our manufacturer makes all fabrics directly from their own production in Italy. Your custom tailored suit will be sewn under the highest standards in India, from the inside out. The construction itself plays a big role in the result of the finished suit because fit is everything especially on that one special day.

When you decide to have custom tailored suit created from fabric to finish, you are in control of even the smallest details. Would you like to get an embroidery of the wedding date inside the jacket, or choose an inner lining that matches your color evening scheme? Choose the design of the reverse, the number of pockets and the color of the buttons etc.
You are in charge off how you want the design, and we provide professional guidance and the perfect fit. It’s the personal touch that means so much.


The wedding experience

We are experts in tailored wedding clothing, and creates everything according to your wishes, so you get what you want for your big day. You choose the details and materials from a selection of exclusive fabrics, with our knowledgeable advice, of course. We offer an entire attire for you special day. From suits with vests, tuxedos and shirts plus a wide range of accessories. These, combined with personal guidance, guarantee that you will emerge as the best version of yourself. Your wedding day is truly the occasion for getting yourself a unique suit.

The Wedding attire

Costum Tailored

When should you get a custom-tailored suit if not for your wedding?
This is a day filled with joy and photos. A custom suit will make sure that you are both comfortable and appearing at your absolute best.


A way to remember that special day forever could be getting embroidery on the inside of your suit. Could be the date and time of your wedding, or you and your future wife’s names. Only your imagination is setting the limits.  

Fabric of your choice

When you choose a custom-tailored suit, then you have the freedom to decide the style of your attire. Is it a Summer or winter wedding, modern or classic, color-themed or all white?
We are here to assist you through the whole process.

Smoking or Suit?

It all depends on the couple you two are. Is it a ballroom wedding or casual dining? The style of your suit should go hand in hand with your wedding. We are experts in helping you decide what would be appropriate for your big day.


There are no exact rules for what you should choose of accessories. So it’s up to you and maybe your bride to decide if it should be a Boutonniere, lapel pins, tie, or butterfly.


Lenta Bespoke has a partnership with the company A pair shoes. Should you wish to purchase a pair of shoes with your wedding attire, then we can offer them at a better price.

The best man experience

Invite your closest gentlemen to Lenta Bespoke and create a tremendous beginning to your wedding suit experience.

We often received many inquiries from grooms who want to invite their groomsmen with them, when buying suits for the special day, so we have chosen to make this an event offer.

The exclusive evening for the groom and his groomsmen, where the boutique is only open for them.

Have a nice evening with the Best Man and the rest of your entourage. During your evening, you will get served drinks and discuss all of your attire to ensure that everyone is ready for the wedding.

Should you have a question, or have a special request for the evening, then you are more than welcome to contact us by phone. You can also book an appointment by following the link below.


We are experts in clothing and tailored suits for the young man or woman, and we do everything according to the wishes from him or her, so he or her gets exactly what they want for the confirmation day. We have full focus on the individual and believe that this special day is the most important and perhaps most memorable day for a young adult.

It’s the young adults first unique day which is only about them. Therefore, clothing is an important part of the confirmation preparations.

You as a young adult must feel comfortable, and especially on this very unique day. You need to show who you are in an attire that reflects your personality.

The personal suit

For one of the most special days of a young adult should the attire fit the personality. At Lenta Bespoke do we make affordable suits also for confimations.


As a young adult are you often in no doubt about what you like to wear. The accessories can really make a difference on your suit and are contributing to showcasing your style.

Fabric and Style

A suit comes in many variations, forms, and colors. A visit to Lenta Bespokes stores will give your son or daughter the chance to be creative and a memorable experience together with you.

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