The working attire

The suit isn’t just a suit. It comes in many variations, colors, styles, shapes, and patterns. Each suit reflects the personality of the person wearing it both male and female.

We see the calming light blue colors at the bank office, the vibrant strong colors at fashion week, the penguin suit from loges meetings, and the authority-filled female power suit from the eighties.

It’s not a restraint

The suit is without a doubt the perfect work wear and even if some might find that a restraint, then it’s all about making the details show who you are as an individual. Let alone the fit, which is the crucial point of the confidence you will feel because the suit is created for your body and shape, then there is the detailing that is completely up to you.

A tailored suit gives you absolute freedom within the officewear frame from color, pattern, linen, and buttons while still looking professional and presentable.

Here to stay

The suit has lastest for decades for a reason and more than hundreds of years of history have given us variations from single buttons to double-sided, lapel pins to pocket squares. Fancy tuxedos to south France linen suits.

Wide Donald trump shoulder pats to the slim-fit Scandinavian. The Coco Chanel rebellious female suit carried its way through the second world war to the bright seventies, bold eighties, flamboyant nineties all the way to today.

Make your work wear you, your shape, and your power.


The everyday suit​

Are you ready to work? Prepare your confidence in your mind and work as well as your attire. Don’t let your garderobe hamper your day but let it follow you as an assistant.

It all starts with the fit and at Lenta bespoke are we have the cutting edge technology for getting the perfect measurements with our 3D body scanning. Within 3-6 seconds do we measure 2,4 million points on your body. With our expertise and guidance will we now choose your style of suit and you to get to choose from our wide range of fabrics.

It can seem dourting to take so many decisions but fear not, we take our time to advise you and pour you gladly a drink while we together find the right solution for you.

We are always here for you

With your allowance can we keep your measurement profile so you will be able to return and expand your collection of perfectly fitting suits and shirts.


The accessories that tie it all together

The details can make a large difference when you are wearing a suit. Whether it’s a tie clip or a pocket square then it elevates your attire.

Pocket squares, lapel pins, and ties do not only belong to weddings and formal events anymore.

We see more and more people accessorizing their workwear within the professional workwear code. Therefore has the classic suit accessories also become a more and more regular item on workwear. You might not be the lapel pin person, but then a modern tie could be the accessories that your workwear would need.

At Lenta Bespoke do we carry both minimalistic classic items to more vibrant and colorful. So you can rest assured that we have accessories that would fit both you and your workplace whether it’s in a bank, in sales, a start-up, or something completely different.

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