Lenta bespoke production


Our vision

At Lenta Bespoke, we are proud of the way we produce. We take pride in delivering the best fabrics, stitches, buttons, embroidery ect. at the best possible price. Our production makes all fabrics directly from their own manufacturer in Italy, and sews your clothes in India to the highest standards, from the inside out.

The production

Our production of clothing is ethic, proper and hold our values of the sustainable production. In our selection will you find two types of fabrics, which is both produced in Italy. You will find a large color and pattern schemes, which we in collaboration with our fabric manufacturer produces after the four seasons. In our selection will you find everything from the timeless classics to modern bold and vibrant.

All tailored suits are custom to fit and are sewn from your measurements taken from our 3D body scanner. Our suits are then sewn in India by some of the best in the industry. All our productions are under careful supervision, to insure that everything are safely produced in the best and ethical way. None of our products are produced by child labor and we hold a close relation and communication with our producing partners. All our products are checked when they arrive in Copenhagen to re-insure the quality of the production. 

Our ready to wear shirts are produced by premium manufactures in Italy where we select our variety after fit, form and attention to production and details. All our custom shirts are sewn to fit your body posture and shape. When you choose a tailored shirt, can you choose between 100% cotton or a blend of cotton and polyester which gives a slight shine to the fabric.

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We value you and your personality in style and shape. But things needs to go hand in hand, so our production, quality and sustainability are equal as important.