Lenta bespoke QUALITY


Our vision

At Lenta Bespoke, we are proud of the way we always uphold our high quality from seems to fabrics. Without a doubt can you feel the difference when you hold one of our Italian fabrics in your hands.

The Quality

A Lenta Bespoke suit is meant to be worn and withholds a whole wedding or countless business meetings without even the slightest issues occurring to ensure this, we start with the most advanced and precise measurements of you with our 3D body scanner. A suit always starts with the right fit.

Our fabrics are from some of the finest manufactures in Italy. Their long legacy of manufacturing patterns, dyeing, and weaving makes them some of the world’s best.
Together we handpick all our fabrics to fit both the classic gentleman or lady attire to the more modern and unique patterns. All our fabrics have one thing in common it’s their durability and high quality.

All our suites are sawn in India, where some of the most talented and detail-oriented seamstresses work. We work closely with our partners in India to ensure that every suite is executed seamlessly.

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We value you and your personality in style and shape. But things needs to go hand in hand, so our production, quality and sustainability are equal as important.