Lenta bespoke Sustainability


Our vision

At Lenta Bespoke, we are proud of our close relation and collaboration we have established with all our manufactures. We will always provide our costumers with the the best price possible while not compromising on quality and sustainability.

The Sustainability

It has never been more important than today to consider sustainability within our businesses. Since the very beginning has Lenta Bespoke careful selected their manufactures and partners. We are very conscious about how all our products are made and what materials are used from start to end. We believe in collaborating with some of the best in the industry who takes care of all their workers.

We are in daily contact with our seamstresses and fabric manufactures to insure that everything is up to standard and are as environmentally friendly as possible. All our fabrics are produced in Italy, which have a long legacy of craftsmanship in textiles. We believe in keeping these businesses alive and supporting the art of high quality Italian textile manufacturing.

Quality and Durability is one of main values, that also contribute to our sustainability policies. Buying one high quality clothing item, that would last you for years instead of quick cheap produced clothing, will on the long-term be more beneficial for you financially but also for the environment.

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We value you and your personality in style and shape. But things needs to go hand in hand, so our production, quality and sustainability are equal as important.